Doctor of Philosophy in Network Science

  • Central European University
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Permanent
  • 2 weeks remaining

    The Center for Network Science at Central European University (CEU) offers one of the world’s first PhD programs in the up-and-coming field of network science that provides tools to understand how complex social, political, economic and environmental networks are structured and how they function. Working together with leading network scientists, students learn efficient ways of network modeling and collaboration in creative teams as well as explore terabyte-sized datasets that capture information flow between millions of individuals or economic networks.

    Program offered

    • Doctor of Philosophy in Network Science

    Research areas

    • Pursue science with big data: effective methods of collecting, analyzing, modeling, and visualizing networks with millions of people
    • Understand social processes: friendships and phone calls, spread of ideas, the emergence of order from chaos
    • Discover secrets of success: how teams innovate, scientist make breakthroughs, entrepreneurs make the first million
    • Uncover hidden webs: political corruption, terrorist networks, global finance, wirings of the brain
    • Master the mathematical foundations: graph theory, dynamic processes and graph limits

    Scholarships available

    CEU is committed to attracting talented students and scholars from around the world, and provides generous scholarships available to accepted students from any country. Doctoral scholarships include a full tuition waiver and a monthly stipend for housing and living expenses.

    Contacts and how to apply

    Apply by February 1, 2018 to become part of our international academic community! Find out more about CEU programs, admissions requirements and available funding options here.

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